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Empowering Metabolomics

Enabling scalable metabolomics through AI and analytical chemistry to accelerate therapeutic research, development, and manufacturing.


Biology in Real Time

Metabolites are some of the most important indicators of a phenotypic state; they give powerful insight into the most basic biochemical processes, and act as the most direct descriptors of a dynamic biologic system. 

But measuring metabolic pathways quickly, easily, and at scale is a challenge with current technology.


Unlocking the Potential of Metabolomics

Metabolomics has the potential to be transformative for drug development, biomarker discovery, clinical diagnostics, synthetic biology, and biomanufacturing.

Our mission is to accelerate the development and adoption of metabolomics as a core pillar of biology.


Our Approach to Metabolomics


A Simple and Scalable Workflow

Develop metabolomic solutions that can be operated with minimal expertise and common lab equipment.


High Quality Data for Deeper Insights

Deliver absolute quantitation across entire metabolic pathways, and allow for comparisons across users, instruments and sites.


An Analytical Suite for Big Data

Deploy advanced analytical tools capable of contextualizing the large datasets produced by metabolomics.