Product Development Scientist

Somerville, MA


Matterworks, Inc. is seeking an exceptional product development scientist to pioneer next-generation metabolomics tools for the life sciences.

About Us

The field of metabolomics sits today where genomics was in the early 2000’s: ripe for a breakthrough that drives explosive adoption as an essential component of the life sciences disciplines.  Matterworks, Inc. is a venture-backed biotech startup building next-generation metabolomics tools to realize this opportunity.  We are harnessing remarkable advances in high-resolution mass spectrometry and machine learning to systematize metabolomics methods and workflows.  Our mission is to democratize metabolomics and catalyze  its wide-spread adoption and integration into the life sciences disciplines.

Job Description

Matterworks is seeking an experienced, creative, and highly-motivated chemist or analytical biologist to lead development of new metabolomics products.  The role will involve translating the needs of life sciences stakeholders (development partners, customers, and other users) into novel metabolomics products (methods and tools) that address those needs. 

Like most senior positions in early stage companies, this role is multifaceted.  It will require you to “roll up your sleeves” while also providing leadership, team management, and engagement with external users.  You will have the opportunity to make significant individual scientific contributions to the discipline, while also interfacing strongly with the business and intellectual property functions of the Company.  

You will be expected to drive laboratory experimental work, manage a small team, and also liaise with and influence technical experts across chemistry, biology, and data science. Synthesizing data into information and communicating results persuasively to a broad set of technical and non-technical stakeholders is critical.  Deep working knowledge of analytical biochemistry is essential.  Familiarity with current metabolomics solutions, use cases, and/or basic tools in computational biology are desirable.



  • Lead the conceptualization, development, and implementation of next generation metabolomics products 

  • Interact with development partners and customers to understand their needs 

  • Lead internal product development efforts to develop products that address those needs (throughput, breadth, sensitivity, etc.)

    • Create product specifications and requirements at the intersection of user needs and internal technical capabilities

    • Assess performance and reliability relative to targets and build strategies for product improvement  

  • Analyze, interpret, and report data to key technical, business, regulatory, and IP stakeholders

  • Perform other responsibilities required for the safe and productive operation of Matterworks’ R&D labs 


Opportunities for growth and professional development include participating in refining the Company’s scientific vision and strategy, exposure to business plans and strategy, investor relations, diligence processes, and building skills essential to leading an R&D organization.

About You

  • PhD in chemistry, biology, or related discipline, with 5+ years experience in method development and implementation for life sciences users

    • Prior experience with and strong working knowledge of high-resolution mass spectrometry

    • Prior experience in analytical biochemistry (e.g., metabolomics, proteomics, etc.)

  • Experience working with life-sciences users to understand their needs, develop solutions to address those needs, and demonstrate method suitability to stakeholders

  • Excellent data summarization, critical thinking, and communication skills, to enable managerial decision-making

  • Prior experience with building and managing a team of research associates and technicians

  • Thrive in fast-paced startup environment



This is a full-time position based at Matterwork’s facilities in Somerville, MA (near Union Square). Matterworks offers a competitive package, including base salary, stock options, and benefits (health & dental, long- and short-term disability, life insurance, 401k).  Matterworks Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

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