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Matterworks is building technologies to solve the problem of whole metabolome reading

Our LSM enables new fundamental understanding of mass spectra to overcome the barriers associated with conventional metabolomic methodologies.

The New Standard for High-Resolution, Real-Time Absolute Quantitation in Metabolomics


High Throughput

The use of machine learning removes the need for peak integration, which allows for faster chromatographic methods. With an injection-to-injection cycle of less than 7 minutes and streamlined data analysis, Pyxis is built with the throughput capability required for deep metabolomics insights.


Absolute Quantitation

Pyxis is designed for absolute quantitation of polar metabolites, providing unparalleled data quality in a scalable metabolomics solution.

Advantages of Pyxis Absolute Quantitation

  • Remove need for per-analyte standard curves
  • No method development
  • No peak interpretation
  • Increased lab automation
  • Enable quantitative data comparisons
  • >90% reduction in cost for standards
  • 10-100x increase in productivity
  • Reduced training and personnel requirements
  • Focus on understanding the biology & informed decision-making
  • Data exchange & global comparisons between labs

Get Started Fast

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Matterworks kits contain everything you need to get started. The kits enable rapid implementation and ease-of-use.

Our StandardCandlesTM universal calibrators remove the need for per-analyte standards.

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LC-MS Methods

Pyxis runs on your existing instrument, supported on common LC-MS platforms for metabolomics.  It employs a fast robust LC-MS method suitable for all skill levels that seamlessly integrates with common high-resolution instrument configurations. 

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Rapid Results

No peak picking or curve integration, Pyxis transforms raw MS data into concentration automatically, allowing you to focus on the insight your data offers.

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Get Started with Pyxis

Pyxis has successfully demonstrated correlation to existing metabolomic measurements with samples generated by our alpha collaborators. The beta release for Pyxis is currently underway and full commercialization for the end of 2023. Sign up now to learn more or to become one of our select beta testers.