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High-Resolution, Real-Time Phenotypic Metabolomics


Up to 150 Metabolites

From critical nutrients to intracellular metabolic intermediates to waste products; Pyxis provides a complete view of cell metabolism with up to 150 metabolites across central carbon metabolism and associated pathways.


Absolute Quantitation

The Matterworks technology platform is designed for absolute quantitation of metabolites in cell culture media and cell lysates, providing unparalleled data quality in a scalable metabolomics solution.


Rapid Results 

With a 5-minute method and streamlined data analysis Pyxis is built for at-line process feedback and the throughput needed to complement complex experiments with deep metabolomics insights.

Get Started Fast

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Matterworks kits contain everything you need to get started. Simply plate your samples and add the Matterworks universal calibrators to your samples and you’re ready to go.

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LC-MS Methods

We’ve done the method development and validation for you. Pyxis was developed to seamlessly integrate with existing LC-MS technology.


Rapid Results

No peak picking or curve integration, Pyxis transforms raw MS data into concentration automatically, allowing you to focus on the insight your data offers.

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MS Quantitation Without MS Method Development

Pyxis combines mass spectrometry with advanced AI to generate absolute metabolite concentrations calculated within minutes through our cloud-based software. The platform of reagents and software integrate seamlessly with existing LC-MS instruments, without the need for method development or manual calibration curve creation. Using Pyxis, LC-MS acquisition time is dramatically reduced to approximately 5 minutes per sample, with absolute metabolite concentrations calculated within minutes through our cloud-based software.

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Get Started with Pyxis

Pyxis has successfully demonstrated correlation to existing metabolomic measurements with samples generated by our alpha collaborators. The beta release for Pyxis is scheduled for early 2023 and full commercialization for mid 2023. Sign up now to learn more or to become one of our select beta testers.

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Matterworks Applications


Whether you're developing a new product or scaling up an existing one, Pyxis gives you mechanistic insight into the factors influencing cell specific productivity and the critical quality attributes of your protein therapeutic.


Looking to scale your viral vector production process?  Pyxis enabled metabolomics gives you a new tool for driving increases in viral yields.


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